Want to sell your Mobile App?

If you have an app which you want to sell, just let us know. We are ready to propose you the fair price for the app(s)

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Who we are?

apppub.io is a young company that develops mobile applications for the App Store and Google Play market. We develop and optimize native and cross-platform solutions for businesses and end-users.

Why sell the app?
You fall in love with another project and can pay the same attention as before for this one.
You want to get an investment for your new business or house

We pretty much believe every business is always ready to be sold.
The only issue is agreement on the price from both sides.

The app does not work on its own. It requires regular support. updates, purchases of traffic, optimization of the sales funnel, etc. When you sell a project, you get X * monthly net profit in advance. This can be great money that will allow you to either buy something or start a new project from scratch!

How it works?

Make a deal


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Payment through Wise, Ach, Payoneer, Paypal, etc


Transfer application

What does “sell the app” mean?

When the owner agrees to sell the application, this means that in addition to the app transfer will be permanently transferred source code, services, databases, and other information that affect the application or may affect it in the future. For example, a Firebase project.

I'm not sure if I'm safe when I make a deal.
When selling, use the popular Escrow service, which is designed to make any secure transactions on the Internet.
How quickly will I receive money for the application?
After agreeing on the terms of the contract, the transaction is usually completed in 2-3 days.
Why sell your app?
If you are bored with the project, there is no time to fully maintain it, or you urgently need money for a new start, then selling the application is what you need.
Why might someone be interested in my little application?
Companies are considering buying applications that have the potential to make a profit with long-term investment and a quality advertising campaign.
I'm not sure if my application can be sold.
Contact us and we will evaluate your application for free within 3 business days on a first-come, first-served basis.